Appoxee offers flexible plans designed to grow with your app.

Features $500/MO $1500/MO CONTACT US
Push Messages Engage your users through push messages to get them back into your app. Notify them about what’s new and what’s waiting for them.
In-App Messages Engaging rich messages viewed from inside your app, without the interruption of a push notification. You can send HTML, videos, coupons, surveys and more.
Segmentation Segment your users effectively, targeting them based on their interests, in-app behavior, attributes, location and more. Different users receive different messages in order to maximize relevancy.
Analytics Measure the impact of your campaigns on daily activations, retention and in-app purchases. Track campaign ROI and monitor growth in app usage by customer segment.
Geo-targeting Send out targeted messages based on user location, time zone and language.
User Feedback Module Give users a voice to share what they think about your app privately before you post reviews publicly (only post 4-5 star reviews.) It also serves as a two-way communication channel--you can respond to user comments via the dashboard.
Automation Automate campaigns by setting up messages based on custom rules and triggers. Increase your customer lifetime value and retention rates while saving time and reducing repetitive processes.
Custom Inbox Like a custom branded email inbox built inside your app, used to deliver news/offers without a push notification. Allow your users to read your messages whenever they’re ready.
News Feed As on popular social media sites, deliver your rich messages and content in a scrolling newsfeed format without the limits of a push message.
Server 2 Server Integration Manage and engage your users from your own back-end. Use your own existing customer data to create robust segments.
Cross Promotion Boost sales/downloads with a section showcasing your other apps that links directly to the App Store.
Deep Linking Link a push notification or in-app message to a specific screen in your app, in order to direct users’ attention or encourage a desired action.
Personalization Substantially increase your customer engagement and click through rates by customizing your messages with personalized, dynamic information.
Success Management Receive ongoing, one-on-one consultation with our Success Management team. Learn from our deep industry knowledge and best practices to help you plan, execute and optimize effective push campaigns.
Advanced Segmentation Send highly targeted messages to a group of users based on your own custom fields.
Notification Preference Center Give your users control of their push notifications with a preference center that opens upon first use and allows users to select the type and frequency of messages they’d like to receive.
# of Users Pricing is based on number of opt-in users to push notifications. Appoxee can easily scale to serve your growing user base. Up to 250,000 Up to 500,000 Custom
Delivery Rate Appoxee has the infrastructure to deliver large volumes of messages within seconds. 100 Per Seconds 1,000 Per Seconds Custom
Technical Support Receive dedicated technical support from our experts when questions, issues or problems arise. Email Email + Phone Dedicated Tech Support


Does Appoxee really offer unlimited push and in-app messaging?

Yes we do. Our plans are designed to be easy to understand and worry free. By offering unlimited messaging, you can communicate with your mobile users without limits.

Do you offer onboarding services?

Our onboarding service is included with all plans. Our Enterprise package also includes access to our dedicated Success Management team, who will provide you with ongoing consultation and optimization of your push messaging strategy.

Do you offer custom solutions?

Yes, Appoxee will work with you to create a solution that meets your company’s needs. Whether you need faster push delivery, increased API calls or a customized Inbox, we can tailor a solution that works for your business.

Do you offer discounted pricing based on volume of app users?

Yes we do. Our pricing plans are designed to scale with your business. So as your mobile user base increases, your cost per user will decrease.

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